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Welcome to the Covid Resource Report … the flip side!

This is not an anti-vaccine site.

While most of the material you will find here points out issues with the nationwide vaccine program, this is only by necessity. In order to have Informed Consent, we must have access to as much information as possible. You undoubtedly have plenty of access to a lot of Covid material in support of broad vaccination, but little challenging that position.

I understand that some people do not dig deeply to find out if something is true before posting and sharing, but the censorship of information flow has gone awry.

So, if this site is not anti-vax, then what is it?

Vaccines are an important tool for individuals to protect themselves. Disease is a serious foe for many. But to neglect to share the story of those who are protected by natural immunity or have very low risk is irresponsible.

If you have a new, small tumor at age 20, your treatment will be very different than a large, spreading and recurring tumor in a 50 year old.

People tend to take extreme sides on issues. I want to show there is a case for reason and middle ground. And I am not alone in this thinking.

Anyone of any age who is overweight or has other pre-existing conditions needs to take more steps to protect themselves. Those steps can include lifestyle change, social distancing, vaccination and other measures. This is a serious situation for some people.

For healthy, young people, and those who have already been exposed to Covid, we need to have another plan.

This is called risk-benefit analysis.

Everything has risks. Nothing protects us 100%. You can acquire heart issues from Covid as well as from a reaction to a vaccine. You have risks all around you. Learn YOUR risks. Seek medical advice.

Again, this is NOT an anti-vax site. It is a site to fill in the blanks that have been absent from the discussion.

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