Editor: Ingrid Harding

What started as a plea to be counted among the protected (I had Covid in the summer of 2020), has become a mission to find and share data that has not been gaining traction in the media.

Perhaps you are a journalist who can visit this site often and gain a different perspective, or at minimum give voice to a different perspective.

My hope is that this site will grow in contributors as well as readers.

As a former journalist myself, I understand the need for transparency and clear communications.

In that vein, here are my biases that will undoubtedly taint my perspective. I am proud of these biases. They are what makes me.

Only child until high school.
College graduate with degree in French and Education.
Computer programming instructor.
Freelance Editor.
Military wife.
Doctor’s wife.
Married with three children.
Nonprofit Executive Director.
Special needs mom.

These experiences have given me many life skills as well as high expectations. I am a logical thinker and open to debate. I am tolerant and open-minded.

I am a fighter.

I have found solutions to problems in far away places and never give up a quest.

Regarding Covid:

  • I believe Covid-19 is real, created in a lab setting and was accidentally introduced into society.
  • I believe the vulnerable need protection to include improved health care and lifestyle, medical intervention and vaccination.
  • I believe we need to follow the data which shows healthy individuals under 50 have very low risk.
  • I do not believe in vaccinating children for Covid.
  • I believe asymptomatic people are not shedding large amounts of virus that will make others very sick.
  • I believe in natural immunity and that it should carry the same weight as vaccination.
  • I believe in personal choice to include medical and religious freedom.

Thank you for being here regardless of your perspective.

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